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Connecticut River Cleanup

On Despite Saturday's rainy weather, Becky Budd, Ken Swinski, Kim Henley, and Ellen Lindsy  of the DCPV had a blast picking up garbage with the crew from Coca Cola at Mitch's Marina in Hadley. They took a boat out to Mitch’s Island, where people camp during the summer. Several hours later they returned with multiple bags of assorted garbage (Bud Light, Pepsi, and Doritos were the litterers' preferred snacks), two gas grills, light bulbs, and Kim even found a machete - see the pics below. Thank you again, Becky, for organizing. It was fun and fulfilling and we are looking forward to participating in the Source to Sea cleanup again next year


Sunset Cruise on the Connecticut


After years of enjoying the beautiful setting of our Trip to the Sea Barbecue, we chartered the Lady Bea and set off from Brunelle's Marina for our own trip on the river. Unlike the paddlers, we were equipped with a full bar, indoor and outdoor seating, and we didn't have to paddle a stroke. Watching the sunset from the deck and then seeing the rise of the June full moon, the "Strawberry Moon", was sublime.

2017 Trip to the Sea BBQ
On Wednesday, May 10th, the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley once again welcomed the stalwart paddlers of the Ledyard Canoe Club as they paddled down the Connecticut River on their Trip to the Sea from Hanover to Old Saybrook, CT. This year there were over 30 paddlers, the most in recent years. On this glorious night of a full moon, we welcomed back both the warm days of Spring and the annual traditions of the Ledyard Canoe Club.

The cold and tired paddlers welcomed a hot meal of Puerto Rican slow-roasted marinated pork shoulder, accompanied by arroz con gandules and more prepared by Fernandez Family Restaurant. And of course there was wine and a keg to wash down the wonderful hot meal and warm the fellowship.

It was a great group of friendly, outgoing students and spectacular night of food, drink and fellowship as we celebrate the Ledyard Canoe Club’s enduring commitment to exploration and adventure.

2017 Dartmouth Day of Service

On the morning of Saturday May 6, 13 Dartmouth alums and family/friends and about 20 Dean Tech students, alums, and faculty gathered at the Wm. J. Dean Technical High School in Holyoke to help beautify the campus as part of an overall upgrade. Dr. Stephen Zrike '98, receiver and superintendent, is working to turn around the Holyoke Public Schools: and as part of the national Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service, our Club volunteers provided a helping hand by helping paint a mural in the front hallway, painting the weight room, and planting an edible garden.

The following thank you note from Alan Gates, Dean Tech's Director of Culture and Inclusion, says it all:

Dartmouth Alumni,

Thank you very much! We had a great time and accomplished so much. Our students at Dean have been through a tremendous amount of trauma and change. From life circumstances, to turnover of staff and administration, building trust through relationships has been our primary focus this year. Watching the positive interactions today between the Dartmouth Alumni and our students was priceless. We have a long way to go with stamina/work ethic and today gave us the opportunity to work on this. Thank you for modeling positive behavior, stamina/work ethic and just "being a good person."

 2017 Dartmouth Club Ski Day
This year, as soon as the groundhog saw his shadow - winter finally began! The timing was perfect - we had a few feet of fresh powder for our annual Dartmouth Family Ski Day on February 11. Berkshire East was hopping, as a small but energetic group of Dartmouth alums, their families and friends joined the Saturday powder-hounds to enjoy the fresh snow and warm weather.

Ash Hartwell '63, fresh off the plane from Hawaii, traded in his flip flops for ski boots and led us down a variety of trails all over the mountain. Normally a snowboarder, Peggy Burgess Freise, joined her husband, Mark Freise '76, on vintage skinny 200 cm skis from the '80s and impressed us all with their swift turns - who needs trendy shaped skis?

Many thanks to Ash for organizing our 5th - and certainly not last - annual ski day.


2016 Medium Club President of the Year

Ellen Lindsey, our Club President, was honored at 2017 CAGOW meeting in Hanover by being named Medium Club President of the Year for 2016.  All who have worked with Ellen over the years know how tirelessly she has worked and how her creativity and vitality have added so much to the Club.  Congratulations to Ellen for being recognized for her outstanding achievement. No one deserves it more.

We've Done it Again - Dartmouth Club of the Year 2015!

For the second time in five years, the Dartmouth Club of Pioneer Valley has been named Medium Club of the Year.  We were honored at a lively awards dinner at the 2016 Club and Group Officers Weekend (CAGOW) in Hanover on January 23rd. Accepting the award for the Club were Steve Schreiber '79, VP and Book Awards Co-Chair; Jim Rooks '67, Book Awards Co-Chair; Ellen Lindsey '81, President; Ed Mazer '63, Secretary and Webmaster; and Ken Swinski '73, Book Awards Co-Chair. Thanks to our Executive Committee and all of our Club members for their ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.


Focus on Humanitarian Activities in the Local Dartmouth Community

No area in the world has suffered more than Haiti. Earlier this year, we held two gatherings, one in Longmeadow and one in Amherst, to learn about the work being done by Ken Mundt D’81 of Amherst in support of a unique school in Les Cayes, Haiti that is committed to educating the poorest of the poor.

At our DCPV gatherings, we learned that Ken's organization, Opportunities for Communities, has helped change the lives of hundreds of “Restavek” children in Haiti. Restaveks are children given up by impoverished and desperate mothers hoping for a better life for their children, who become indentured servants in “host” homes far from where they were born. Sadly, many Restavek children are abused and some treated as slaves. The estimated 300,000 to 500,000 Restavek children are far less likely to attend school, obligated instead to work. This school provides an opportunity for Restavek children in Les Cayes to attend school and break the chain of poverty.

John Sloan Dickey taught us, “The world’s problems are our problems.” He would have approved of this school that significantly impacts the lives of so many young people. For more info on this past event, or to read about other past Club events, click here.  To learn more about Ken's organization and the valuable work they're doing in Haiti, go to www.opportunitiesforcommunities.org.
Great New Video on the Development of BASIC narrated by Tom Kurtz

  On the 50th anniversary of the development of BASIC, Dartmouth has produced an amazing 38 minute video on the development of BASIC and the Dartmouth Time Sharing System narrated by Tom Kurtz, co-developer of BASIC with John Kemeny.  This historical video document includes interviews from the then students who were involved in the project.  To view the video, click here.

Are Dartmouth Undergrads Happy?

Dartmouth sophomore Jake Gaba '16 and some fellow students have created an on-campus video that depicts dozens of students, and some faculty memebers, lip-syncing and grooving to the popular song Happy by Pharrell Williams.  Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson and senior lecturer Charles Wheelan, along with his dog, make cameo appearances.

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Moving Dartmouth Forward (MDF)

Our alumni, both individually and as members of alumni organizations, have responded in force to President Hanlon’s call for ideas on how to end the high-risk behaviors of high-risk drinking, sexual assault, and a lack of inclusivity. The Moving Dartmouth Forward steering committee is now considering the feedback received from alumni, students, faculty, staff and parents, studying best practices, and seeking input from experts as it considers its recommendations. To update the Dartmouth community on its efforts, the MDF steering committee has created an informative website that explains the process, provides resources and news updates, and a link for additional input.  To visit this website, go to http://forward.dartmouth.edu/.

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